~The best way to describe Makeda is a "wonderful, meaningful experience." The value and personal energy she brings to the table is life changing. With each person she encounters, she leaves  a profoundly positive effect. Her diverse background and experience is an invaluable asset in our ever-changing and more inclusive society. She has a deep understanding of people and their needs, a skill that cannot be learned; it is instinctual. 

Marcia I. Perez Immigration Attorney at Law Office of Marcia I. Perez

Makeda, you were just fantastic. When I was looking for a coach, I was looking for someone that could empower me and also allow myself to have real breakthrough in my practices. Your help, commitment and tips were always welcome and at the right time. At the end, meditation is now in my daily routine thanks to you. Thank you again to change my life and help me to reach my goals! - F.C. July 2018
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~Makeda helped me figure out my priorities in relation to my interest and dreams. Her insightful questions stimulated and addressed deep thoughts which have been fruitful. She also suggested me a few concrete opportunities that I'm currently pursuing. With rational analysis and organization she encouraged me when my passions were at risk in front of daily duties and responsibilities. It's nice to discover that dreams are compatible with real life more than we usually expect! Coach Makeda recommended!!!” 

Marco, July 2015

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