My mission is to be a catalyst for your personal and professional development.

This starts by focusing on your goals.

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Do you have an upcoming transition you want to feel confident about?
Do you have a looming deadline you want to feel proactive about?
Do you have a performance you want to feel proud about?

Together we explore new habits and mindsets

in order to design your UNIQUE roadmap to success.

Private coaching

Coming home and sharing the pie chart with the different areas of life and happiness ratings still stands out as a favorite moment of 2015. You helped me look at my life through another lens and empowered me to make necessary changes. Really, what you do is incredibly important and valuable. Thank you so much!
— B Stark

Life coaching is a collaboration between client and coach that creates more head and heart space to develop meaning in your pursuits.  Clients can expect fresh perspectives on challenges encountered in personal and professional lives. Coaching offers inquisitive sessions that will unlock potential; and shift viewpoints to set sails toward dreams on the horizon.  

As your coach, my role is to listen between the lines, ask powerful questions, highlight your inner insight and offer constructive feedback. We will progress through your personal process, identifying potential obstacles and designing a unique toolkit of strategies and perspectives to help navigate your dynamic experience. Together, we'll transform challenges into opportunities

Sessions are available in person or virtually. 

  • 3 month coaching package

Includes a complimentary 45 minute discovery session and 5 private coaching sessions with email support. Sessions are 60 minutes biweekly. 

This is great if you are looking to influence multiple areas of life. Sustainable shifts take time. 


  • 1 Breakthrough Session

Includes a 60 minute session to gain clarity and map next steps. Includes email followup.  

This is helpful if you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unclear of how to gain momentum toward your goals. 


  • Half Day Intensive

3 hr private session with a 60 minute follow-up call 

This is an opportunity to dive deep into foundational intrapersonal skills: self-awareness and self-management. We'll explore perspectives, beliefs and attitudes in order to better understand what internal and external shifts are needed. You'll walk away with a road map of your strengths and next steps to navigate your personal  projects. 


Contact me for more information.


Using the app, choose a personal goal and join a community of people pursuing similar goals. This platform offers community forums and the option to hire me as an accountability or leadership coach. Benefit from convenient check-ins and find effective and efficient ways to reach your goals. These monthly subscriptions offer features that support consistency - regular chats throughout the week, calendar tracking and streaks. 

Habit Coaching $90/month

We'll use's momentum methodology to build consistency around foundational habits.

Together we'll build strong habits, identify key obstacles and develop new patterns. 

Common Habits: 

  • Meditation

  • Develop a Habit of Focus

  • Academic Success

  • Setting Priorities

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Leadership Coaching $250/month

Leadership clients are coached through's Leadership Modules and enjoy a splash of EQ coaching and Positive Psych along the way.

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Communication

  • Prioritization

Mosaics In The Making

    ~Sparking vitality that inspires change in the world~
~Cultivating clarity through curiosity~
~Passionate about development~