Other Workshop Topics Include: 

Cultivating Self-Scientists in the Digital Age

Mindful Discipline

EQ & IQ: Tuning into the Head and The Heart

Healthy Identity and Self-Esteem 

Envisioning The Future

Creative Problem Solving

Digital Global Citizenship: Cultivating Curiosity and Compassion with Social Media

Emotional Intelligence and Creativity

The Brain Science of Success

Emotional Intelligence for Families

 Online Courses* 

The Science of Self ~Learn How You Learn ~ Flow Chart

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Fall of 2017

Previous EQ Cafe Topics

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 ~Puzzle of Learning                      ~Talents for Tolerance        ~Brains for Collaboration

Be on the look out for quarterly EQ Cafes! I'll be hosting interactive workshops to explore 6 Seconds' model and methodology

Celebrating the United Nation's

International Day of Tolerance

What are your unique Brain Talents? Find out in the fun, powerful hour of learning about our unique strengths. You’ll get a free assessment, your Brain Talent Profile, and learn about:

  • Key capabilities to create positive change
  • The International Day of Tolerance
  • How we can each use our talents to support ourselves AND others
  • Ways we are all similar and different – the value of diversity
  • Emotional intelligence as fuel for positive change